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FDA Considers Changes To Meat Labels In Grocery Stores

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Beef, poultry, veal and lamb are found in almost every American's grocery cart, but do you want to know where that meat comes from?

The Food and Drug Administration is considering whether to move ahead with a plan to change the labeling on the meat you buy at grocery stores.

Under the proposed regulation, the next time you buy some steaks for the grill, the government wants you to see a label -- a label that will show the origin of that beef, where that beef was raised and where it was slaughtered.

Consumers say they'd like to see that kind of information.

"I would have more confidence if I knew it was a country that took care in hygiene, cleanliness, strict standards for breeders, growers and people who were handling the animals," said Angela Cardone of Scott Township.

Under current rules, all fish, shellfish, fruits and vegetables must disclose country of origin. But that's not true with all meat; however, that could change.

"I just want to know where that animal was fed, and what it was fed, and which country it came from. That's very important," said Marie Sadaka of Green Tree.

Both Canada and Mexico, leading suppliers of meat, complain this is a form of protectionism. The grocery industry says it could cost millions of dollars to implement and result in higher food prices.

President Obama has not yet signed off.

But one big exception in place -- meat from all restaurants, including fast food, will remain mystery meat for consumers.

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