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FDA Announces It Will Ban Trans Fat From US Food Supply

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- The US Food and Drug Administration made a big decision affecting the health of millions of Americans. The FDA announced Wednesday it will ban trans fat from the US food supply.

Marcus Washington has more on what this ban means and how soon companies will have to comply.

It will not happen all at once. The FDA is giving companies three years to give up the use of trans fat.

When it comes to business at Fractured Prunes Hot Doughnuts, it rarely includes thinking about healthier options. But more than a year ago, owners of the Towson doughnut shop decided to remove all trans fats from their recipes.

"It hasn't affected ours at all. I mean, I have only had one customer that said he could taste the difference and that's out of thousands," said John Coyne.

This decision falls in line with the latest announcement from the FDA to remove artificial trans fats in processed foods.

Facts show the number one killer of people in Baltimore City is heart disease. Thirty percent of people will die from this silent killer, with trans fat being a contributor.

"Trans fats are double trouble for your heart. They raise your bad cholesterol and they decrease your good cholesterol," said Baltimore City Health Commissioner Dr. Leana Wen.

Wen says since 2002, research has shown no amount of trans fat is safe for you.

"But it's not enough to be educated about it. We have to have policies that are set that also enable us to be healthy, as well," Wen said.

So the next time you indulge in your guilty pleasure foods, it may be just a bit more healthy than you think.

"I was shocked because it tastes the exact same and it was delicious," said customer Alena Lattik.

Companies have until June 2018 to remove trans fats from all products and food. There is an option to petition the FDA for a special permit to continue to use trans fat.

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