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Father-Son Duo From Ocean City, Maryland Design Face Mask With Built In Thermometer

OCEAN CITY, MD. (WJZ) -- A father and son duo from Ocean City, Maryland has invented a first of its kind face shield with a built in thermometer that could allow people to return to schools and workplaces.

It looks like your everyday face shield from far away, but with a closer look, this one has a built in thermometer.

"It creates a tremendous amount of flexibility to start living the new normal of our lives," said Rafael Correa Jr., co-founder Reciprotect LLC.

It's called the "ICU shield" created by a father and son duo from Ocean City. The face shield uses a built in liquid crystal thermometer that continuously monitors a person's temperature through color coded squares.

"Its mutual checking of people's temperature that way we know we are dealing with healthy people in front of us," said Rafael Correa Sr., co-founder Reciprotect LLC.

Rafael Correa Sr. said he came up with the idea for the shield after having personal experience with inaccurate fever screenings, and shared his concerns with his son. Together, they combined two practices of fighting COVID-19 into one.

"Personal protective equipment is one of the biggest things we have at our disposal to get out there and kind of create a new sense of normal to our lives," Correa Jr. said.

The duo said the clear face shield is not only comfortable and disinfectable, but it's the perfect solution for businesses looking to reintegrate staff members or students looking to return to in person learning.

"A lot of schools are trying to go back now and they're trying to figure out the safest way to do it," Correa Jr. said. "This is really our way to do our small part."

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