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Bail Denied For Father Charged In 5-Year-Old Daughter's Death

BALTIMORE (WJZ)— An unthinkable crime. A 5-year-old girl is killed, and her own father is charged. Mathew Carr faced a judge just hours ago. He will remain behind bars as disturbing new details emerge surrounding how she was killed.

Mike Hellgren has more on the murder and a possible cover-up.

Neighbors placed teddy bears as a memorial for 5-year-old Mya Carr on the front porch of the house on Callaway Avenue where she died.

Police have charged her dad--Mathew Carr--with killing her.

Joe Richards' child was the victim's playmate.

"She came home from school yesterday.  We saw all the commotion," Richards said. He described Mya as a "typical little girl.  Happy.  Just looking forward to a life. It's a sad state of affairs.  Five-years-old. Hadn't even started life yet."

Police say Carr was upset his daughter soiled herself and that "Mr. Carr admitted to beating his child repeatedly with his hands. He began to hit her all over her body."

According to charging documents, the little girl was taken to Sinai Hospital where she had visible injuries to her arms and legs, blood in her nostrils and near her vagina.

Police say her dad then put her in a bathtub, where she stopped breathing.

They found "bruising. They found broken ribs. They found fractures to the face," said Donny Moses, Baltimore City Police.  "Some of her injuries would indicate that she had been abused in the past."

Police say Carr did not have custody of his daughter--that she was visiting him and alone in the home with her dad when this happened.

"The sad part is she was with him, and she lost her life as a result," Moses said.

Carr was denied bail because he is considered a flight risk and a risk to public safety.

He faces life in prison if he's convicted.

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