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Family Of Man Who Died In Baltimore Police Custody Rallies For Mosby To Pick Up Case

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Activists rallied Wednesday evening in front of Baltimore's City Hall, calling for an end to police brutality. The event was planned by Tawanda Jones, whose brother, Tyrone West, died in Baltimore Police custody.
Nearly ten years ago, in July 2013, Tyrone West was pulled over at a traffic stop off Kitmore Road in North Baltimore. Police said West tried to get away.
"He began to throw punches, he was kicking, he tried to get up, he tried to run," Sgt. Darien Harris told WJZ in 2013.
But Corinthia Servance was inside West's car, she said she saw police use force. "They were beating him," she said.
West died during the arrest. The Medical Examiner's Office said it was a combination of his heart condition, the struggle with police and the heat of summer.
But West's family says the officer's use of force killed him.
The State of Maryland in 2017 reached a $400,000 settlement with the West family, but Jones said she never took any of the money.
The State's Attorney at the time cleared the police officers involved in West's arrest of any wrongdoing, saying their use of force was justified.
Jones is calling on the current State's Attorney, Marilyn Mosby, to take up the case along with other families, including Donnell Rochester's aunt Markia Jackson.
"Donnell was tragically murdered by the police," Jackson said at the rally.

Baltimore Police said when officers attempted to apprehend 18-year-old Rochester, he attempted to drive away and accelerate toward one of the officers. That officer fired into the car, striking Rochester. He was taken to an area hospital, where he died. 

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