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Family Of Baltimore Teen Accused Of Smashing Police Cruiser Says Bail Unfair

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- You saw the unforgettable images live on WJZ during the riots outside of Camden Yards. A Baltimore City teenager accused of smashing the windows of police cars is now out of jail.

Jessica Kartalija with why his family says his $500,000 bail was set way too high.

The family's attorney says the 18-year-old's bail--set at twice the amount of the officers charged with killing Freddie Gray--is unfair.

Allen Bullock sees footage on the news and goes to police two days later.

Kartalija: "Allen, what made you come forward and turn yourself in?"

Bullock: "I had to make an appeal visit anyway."

Bullock spent ten days behind bars until his family could post his bail--set at $500,000--significantly higher than the six police officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray.

They've been released on bails of $350,000 and $250,000.

"That constitutes one half to one third of Bullock's bail, and they were charged with homicide--one with second degree murder," said J. Wyndal Gorden, attorney.

His parents, who have admitted he made a mistake, say their son is being unfairly targeted.

"I think they were trying to make an example. That was just ridiculous," Bullock's mother, Bobbie Smallwood, said.

Bullock's attorney is trying to get the amount lowered, arguing the teen is facing misdemeanor charges and was never a flight risk.

"I never acquired anything as high as that, and I had all felonies," his father, Maurice Hawkins Sr., said. "And he got misdemeanors. That's ridiculous."

Bullock, who says he was friends with Freddie Gray, is charged with eight counts of rioting and malicious destruction of property.

"It was crazy, for real. It really happened too fast. I've seen a lot in like two days, a day," said Bullock.

The family paid for Bullock's release through an online fundraising site.

Allen Bullock has served time behind bars before--as a juvenile.

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