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Family, loved ones honor Jalil George, aspiring real-estate mogul killed in 2022

Family, loved ones honor Jalil George, aspiring real-estate mogul Killed in 2022
Family, loved ones honor Jalil George, aspiring real-estate mogul Killed in 2022 02:46

BALTIMORE - Jalil George's sudden death shook his loved ones to the core. 

He was shot and killed in Northwest Baltimore along the 2500 block of Oswego Avenue in December 2022.

Jalil's family says he was an aspiring real estate mogul, hoping to build a better Baltimore. 

Saturday, his loved ones remembered his life and legacy during a vigil, all while still riddled with questions as his homicide remains unsolved. 

For the first time, WJZ spoke with his family about how there have still been no arrests and how they refuse to let his story be forgotten. 

"I didn't have a boy until Jalil came along," said Melvin Squire, Jalil's grandfather. 

"I remember he was to FaceTime us every week and just spend so much time talking to us," said Susie Squire Jalil's grandmother. 

He was a son and brother.

"And as you know, as a little brother, there was an 18 year difference but his little brother was his heart," said Jalil's mother Tammy Chance. 

He was also a best friend.

"It is kind of weird because no one knows how to really deal with it," said longtime friend Harmony Obasi. 

Jalil was an overall good young man who stayed out of trouble, according to his loved ones and his mother Tammy Chance.

"He got up every day. He, I guess looked for houses– went to the gym, went to check on his house that he was rehabbing and he would come home," said Chance. 

Jalil was working on rehabilitating a house in Northwest Baltimore when he was shot and killed in 2022. Now, a year later— his family continues to grieve and hope for answers. 

"You know a mother no longer has her child– they no longer have their sibling, they don't have a brother anymore. You have grandparents who lost, you know, a grandson. He was a nephew. He was a good friend. You know, so much has been lost. It's like the family circle has been broken," said Chance. 

During his vigil, Dr. DeAnna Bailey, Jalil's college professor and mentor, shared how she watched him grow and that they will continue to seek justice. 

"I think that just as time goes on, we need to continue to pray for justice. We need to continue to seek justice and continue to keep her family in your thoughts," said Dr.Bailey. 

WJZ did check-in with Baltimore City Police who said they are still investigating his homicide. 

Police were able to confirm Jalil was not targeted the day he was shot and killed. 

"He was on the right path. He was destined for success like he was taking those steps to become, you know, he was headed towards greatness," said Jalil's mother. 

In February 2023, Metro Crime Stoppers did increase the reward to $27,000 for any information that can lead to an arrest. 

Until then, his family and friends will continue to build upon Jalil's vision, and never let his name die.

Anyone who has information about the shooting should call Metro Crime Stoppers at 1-866-7-LOCKUP

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