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Fallout Continues For Baltimore City's State's Attorney

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- The fallout continues for City State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby.

Rick Ritter has more.

Some have called for Mosby to drop the charges against the remaining officers but a small group of protesters were standing out in front of the courthouse Tuesday in support of her, saying they will continue to stand by her---this after Mosby has received numerous racist emails and even death threats.

In just one year, Marilyn Mosby went from star-like fame and cheers to a call for her disbarment.

"I think Marilyn Mosby has harmed the city of Baltimore," said John Banzhaf, George Washington University.

Banzhaf filed a complaint against Mosby, accusing her of only filing charges against the officers to stop the unrest in Baltimore.

On Tuesday, some community leaders came to Mosby's aid, standing beside the city's top prosecutor outside the courthouse.

"I am outraged once again of unloyalty that Baltimore citizens are showing Marilyn Mosby," said one woman.

They urge citizens to remember that even though there hasn't been a single conviction in any of the trials so far, Mosby is simply doing what she was elected to do.

"We encourage State's Attorney Mosby to move forward with these charges," said pastor and political activist Rev. C.D. Witherspoon.

WJZ obtained the vulgar, frightening emails that were sent to Mosby's office, targeting both her and her family. One was titled "Obituary of Marilyn Mosby," and said "The Baltimore City prosecutor was gunned down in cold blood walking into the courthouse." Another email said "she should be hung."

"We're not going to allow for anybody to touch a hair on her head," Witherspoon said.

A firestorm of criticism with four trials still to go.

"Win or lose, Marilyn Mosby, we with you," a woman said.

City police and the FBI are investigating the death threats.

The state's attorney's office says Mosby would like to be able to talk about these issues but many of the emails are related to the Freddie Gray case, in which the judge has issued a gag order.

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