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Executive Of Educational Company In Baltimore Advocates Perpetual Learning For Career Success

For many Baltimore residents, education extends beyond the scope of a traditional classroom. Oftentimes, students seek assistance from private education providers to augment their learning aptitude. Sasha Shultz, MBA is the Chief People Officer at Sylvan Learning, Inc., an educational services provider headquartered in Baltimore. As a top-notch strategic planner, Ms. Shultz's executive position at Sylvan Learning, Inc. enhances her insight into the field of education.

(Photo courtesy of Sasha Shultz)

How has your education helped you to achieve your career goals? 

"Graduate school allowed me to delve deeper into my interests and find out what career trajectory I wanted to follow. The number of connections I've made through alumni groups is evidence that education provides an elevated level of access to the workforce. But, ultimately, I have a firm belief that no matter what [career] route you take, education provides first and foremost a foundational success in life."

What fascinates you most about education?

"Even at its very highest level, education is never complete. Personally, I learn every day, and I have a five and seven-year-old and I'm watching them learn every day. Beyond the general scope, I think education also has a very personalized effect for individuals. We know that you can't have a one-size-fits-all format, because learning doesn't work that way."

What role(s) do you think community advocacy and service play in building a better Baltimore?

"Even after a year and a half of living in Baltimore, I've seen many of the city's challenges with poverty, crime and the education system. I think that the government, companies, nonprofits and individuals can all work together to help provide solutions for these challenges and create a better Baltimore."

What motivates you to succeed in your career?

"I grew up in a family with a very strong work ethic and an expectation that I should always try to improve and work hard. Putting 110 percent into every endeavor was instilled in me at a very early age. As a result, I continue to get a lot of personal satisfaction in achievement and I've been able to craft a career that has kept me learning, laughing and staying engaged."

Keisha Oduor is a professional writer and entrepreneur who resides in Baltimore, Maryland. She has a degree in Communications and French from New York University with work experience in publishing, nonprofits, healthcare administration and program management. Her work can be found on

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