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Ex-Wife Of DC Sniper Seeking Domestic Violence Protection Bill

BALTIMORE (WJZ)--The ex-wife of the DC sniper is asking the General Assembly to pass a bill expanding protections for victims of domestic violence.

Political reporter Pat Warren explains why she is involved.

Mildred Muhammad told lawmakers on Wednesday she was a victim of domestic violence that led to John Muhammad's slaughter of innocent people.

Back in October 2002, a 22 day reign of terror by DC sniper John Muhammad, executed in 2009 for killing 10 people.

"What most people don't know is that I was the intended target, he was killing innocent people to cover up my murder so he could come in and get custody of our children," said Mildred Muhammad.

Warren: "Was there harassment leading up to the sniper shootings?"

"Yes, unfortunately it wasn't told in my story," she said.

Mildred Muhammad testified on behalf of a bill that expands the definition domestic abuse to include harassment and malicious destruction of property.

"There was a lot of harassment, he called me continuously, he bugged my phones, all of this before the shootings took place," said Muhammad.

"This is not just something that affects women. Men are often subject to harassment," said Angela Angel, Prince George's County, who's sponsoring the bill.

Supporters believe there should be protections in place for more than bruises and broken bones.

"You can't destroy my property, you can't continue to email me and text me and call me or my family trying to find out where I am," said Muhammad.

Since January there have been 7 murders related to domestic violence in Prince George's County alone.

The bill's sponsor says three of those murders occurred in the past 24 hours.

The bill is in the house judiciary committee.

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