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Event Planners Prepare For Artscape Preview In September 2022

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Artscape event planners say the popular outdoor festival will bounce back from the pandemic in 2023.

A preview of what to expect will be made available to the public in the fall of 2022. Further details will be made available in the coming months, according to the Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts (BOPA).

The unexpected impact of COVID-19 forced the festival to take a brief hiatus and "re-envision Artscape," BOPA staff said in a statement.

People went into hiding and many businesses shuddered their doors when the pandemic emerged in early 2020.

But now, society is slowly returning to some form of normalcy in part due to the vaccines that were developed to protect human life.

"We envision a bold, ambitious festival with a singular focus on the Art," BOPA staff said. "An Artscape that is more accessible to everyone, and one that brings a lasting impact to communities in our city."

Event planners say they are working with those communities, partners, and stakeholders to ensure their voices are heard and included in the festival.

"Baltimore is overflowing with creative talent, and we set out to re-imagine Artscape in the tradition of the world's great art festivals," BOPA staff said. "A new Artscape promises to draw art enthusiasts from around the country and the world, ensuring that Baltimore becomes a world-class center of artistic excellence. However, visionary plans take time to realize."

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