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ESPN Baseball Analyst Doug Glanville Talks About His Story

Doug Glanville

Former MLB player and current ESPN analyst Doug Glanville joined the Norris & Davis Show to talk about the Op-Ed piece he wrote on Jason Collins coming out.

Steve wanted to know about the Op-Ed piece he wrote on Jason Collins. Doug said he wanted to take a different approach to it. He wanted to say how its not just these certain people are the ones who can play sports.

Bob asked about that stereotype that the pro athlete is the guy who gets all the women. Doug said that he played in the MLB for 15 years and there were probably gay players he played with.

Steve said how Doug had to fight a box to as a dumb jock. Doug told the guys yeah that everyone has a box that people are trying to put them in. He thinks its a shame that people try to pinhole people.

Doug talked about how the support Jackie Robinson and Jason Collins is a little bit different. Jackie didn't get the support out in the world that Jason has.

Bob asked about the Blue Jays start to the year. Doug said that when teams spend a lot of money it doesn't always translate and that any team you play on you need to find a way to play together. He said that this adjustment isn't as easy as it sounds and that perhaps what the Yankees have done is more special.

Steve asked about his take on the Orioles. Doug said he loves Buck Showalter and how he is a great coach. Doug said he likes the sustainability this Orioles team has and likes what they have with the team.

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