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Escaped Tarantula Grounds Flight From Baltimore To Atlanta

BALTIMORE (WJZ)--We've all heard of Snakes on a Plane but how about spiders?

A Delta flight from BWI airport to Atlanta was delayed Thursday morning after a tarantula was spotted in the cargo hold.

WJZ's Mary Bubala has more.

"All of the excitement in Baltimore and Washington has been the Pope being in town. I did not expect the excitement of what happened to me on the Delta flight," said Aileen Carlucci.

A Delta representative says an employee saw a tarantula in the cargo hold just before the plane was set to take off from Baltimore to Atlanta

Carlucci says, "The plane had some in the night before, someone had transported the tarantulas, they weren't sure how many had gotten loose, but they were loose!"

Where is Samuel L. Jackson when you need him?

The airline says the spider was confined to the cargo hold, but the plane was grounded overnight before given the all clear.

Passengers were put on another plane, on what they hope was a spider-free flight.

"I don't think anyone is going to believe me that this actually happened but I have a great story to tell at the wedding," Carlucci said.

Delta Airlines says it's not unusual to be transporting tarantulas as long as they're in an approved travel case.

The airline didn't release details about how the tarantula got lose but did say the handler verified there was only one being transported.

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