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Emergency Work Temporarily Leaves Thousands Without Water

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Major water disruptions for thousands of people from Baltimore City to the county. Emergency water repairs are knocking out service to homeowners into Tuesday morning.

Christie Ileto explains what's behind the big inconvenience.

Crews have been out for hours, working on water valves, but it's left thousands of city and county residents without water overnight.

Wendy Young just found out she's not going to have water until early Tuesday morning.

"I get up at 5. That's not going to work for me," she said.

Four-thousand addresses will be temporarily without water as Public Works crews do emergency repairs to two water valves at Falls Road and Lake Avenue.

"There have been a number of issues," said Kurt Kocher, DPW. "We're trying to get this done as quickly as possible so people who have already been inconvenienced won't be inconvenienced."

If you average three people per address, it's impacting at least 12,000 residents.

Nearby businesses were forced to close early.

"We don't have as much business [since we have to shut down early]," said Robbie Gonick, Pepe's.

The repairs come three days after DPW did emergency work at the same intersection. Residents hope this will be the last shutdown--at least, for a while.

Crews will be working through the night and will finish at 7 a.m. Tuesday. That's when they expect service to be back.

Residents may still have discolored water once service is restored. They're asking residents to open a tap in the lowest level of the house and to run water until it's clear.

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