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Ellicott City's DJ Kopec Hosting Another Virtual Dance Party To Raise Money For Mount Washington Pediatric Hospital

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, millions of people have tuned into Maryland DJ Chris Kopec's virtual dance parties. On Saturday, he's hosting another that doubles as a fundraiser for Mount Washington Pediatric Hospital.

The parties began at the beginning of the pandemic and quickly went viral, leading Kopec to turn them into fundraisers.

"It all started with a basic Facebook party," he recalled. "I hit live, I thought we were going to entertain our family and friends."

Since then, they've become a "fundraising machine," he said.


This weekend, he's doing it again for Mount Washington Pediatric Hospital's annual gala. The hospital is working to build a new rehabilitation gym.

"That's going to help children who are recovering from surgeries either due to injuries or illnesses that they suffer from," gala chair Alison Cohen explained.

The dance party and silent auction have a special meaning for Kopec.

"My son Declan is our youngest, he's five years old... he wasn't growing, wasn't thriving like he should," he said.

The hospital diagnosed Declan with sleep apnea.

"They were able to figure that out. He's a healthy kindergartener this year," Kopec said. "I personally want to raise as much funds as we can."

That's why he's inviting everyone to dance their hearts out for a cause that's helping children heal and grow.

"Music always brought people together, and we're going to do it again Saturday night," Kopec said.

The event will be live-streamed online here. For more information about the fundraiser and silent auction, click here.

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