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Thieves Empty Elderly Couple's N.Y. Home While They Visit Maryland

BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Cleaned out. An elderly couple on vacation in Baltimore County return home to find almost everything in their home is gone--right down to their light bulbs.

Jessica Kartalija reports they are so devastated, the woman had to be rushed to the hospital.

George and Margaret Langevin spend six months of the year in Perry Hall, but when the couple returned to their home in New York this week, their home was ransacked.

Their daughter, Cheryl Volpe, says her parents bought their house in Niagara Falls when they got married 60 years ago.

"Absolutely unbelievable. My first response was a colorful metaphor, and then I called 911," Volpe said. "All of her appliances, all of her furniture was missing."

The thieves took everything. Significant mementos that mean so much to the couple are gone.

The stress of the burglary took a toll on 83-year-old Margaret Langevin, who suffered a mini stroke and had to be hospitalized.

"Mom's first response was at breakfast the next morning 'At 83 years of age, how do I start over?' How do you start over? I mean, absolutely everything," Volpe said.

There were no signs of a forced entry. The doors were still locked when the couple came home.

"Because of where some of these things were hidden, they had to be in here a long time," said Hank Volpe.

Margaret Langevin has been released from the hospital. Both she and her husband are cancer survivors.

Neighbors say they didn't see anything suspicious and believe the thieves took everything out the back door of the home.

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