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Ehrlich Considers Running In 2016 Presidential Race

BALTIMORE (WJZ) --- Another Marylander may have his hat in the presidential ring. Pat Warren reports on how former Governor Bob Ehrlich is testing the White House waters.

While it was not necessarily on his list of things to do, the former Governor is gaining favor as he speaks around the country. It could work to his advantage.

Former Governor Bob Ehrlich's remarks at the Anne Arundel County Executive's Oath of Office Ceremony could arguably play to a national audience.

"And maybe just maybe in this state and in this country, it's time we remember who built that, the successful entrepreneurs who are the backbone of this culture and our economy," Ehrlich said during his speech.

"You go up, you make a speech, people like what they hear," Ehrlich said.

Speeches are part of the reason why Ehrlich is now in the playing field of Republican presidential potentials.

"It all started pretty organically. I got invited to go to New Hampshire this summer and from that, been back a couple more times. I'll be going up for a fourth time in a couple weeks in addition to other states, so it's been interesting how it developed," Ehrlich said.

Ehrlich said he doesn't know how far he might go as a presidential potential.

"We don't know," Ehrlich said. "That's what's really interesting about it."

Interesting too is that gubernatorial competitors, Ehrlich and soon to be former Governor Martin O'Malley, are on a national track for presidential bids in their respective parties.

"It would be an interesting showdown," Richard Vatz, Towson University political analyst said.

Vatz said Ehrlich and O'Malley could both make viable candidates for vice-presidential candidate.

"When you compete for the presidency sometimes you open yourself up for being a viable vice-presidency candidate," Vatz said.

But, the top job has the greatest appeal.

"We're not discounting it obviously. I'm making the trips, we're making friends, and what I really like is people are so receptive to my message," Ehrlich said.

Ehrlich is as the author of two books on national politics and writes a column in the Baltimore Sun. Ehrlich has been out of office for eight years, bu t has remained active in Republican politics.


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