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Eddie Matz Talks Orioles Win And AL Wild Card Race

Eddie Matz, MLB insider for ESPN, joined Ed and Rob to talk about the MLB playoff race and the Orioles win over the Blue Jays.

Matz started off talking about the Orioles win over the Blue Jays to pull within one game of the top wild card spot by using the long ball saying, "that was more than living. That was like good, clean, hallof fame living, but it's scary. It's a tight rope walk...with the Kim home run it was a nine pitch at bat, he was just trying to stay alive."

When asked about the Orioles pitching coming through last night and a good performance by Chris Tillman Eddie said, "yeah that's the glass half full ready for the glass half empty, Tillman frightened the be-Jesus out of me yesterday'...his average fastball velocity was 91 yesterday, he hasn't been that low since 2009."

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