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Dr. Ben Carson's Beliefs On Evolution Stir Controversy At Emory University

BALTIMORE (WJZ)— Dr. Ben Carson is internationally known for his skill as a neurosurgeon and his inspiring life story. But his position on evolution is drawing fire from some professors at Emory University, where he will give the commencement address.

Mike Hellgren breaks down the controversy.

World-renowned Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson is under fire from several biology professors at Emory University, where he's scheduled to give the commencement address.

They wrote a letter to the school newspaper after learning Carson does not believe in evolution, calling it "deeply concerning  . . . That he equates the acceptance of evolution with a lack of ethics and morality." And that "not only encourages the insertion of unnecessary and destructive wedges between Americans but stands against many of the ideals of this university."

"Dr. Carson was a childhood hero of mine, and he still is a hero of mine," said Arri Eisen, Ph.D., Emory University Department of Biology. "What worried me the most was the fact that he said if you do accept evolution that you're somehow ethically lacking."

"You have a theory in which you place your faith, and I have a theory in which I place my faith," Carson said in a speech posted on YouTube. "I say you can believe what you want but I simply don't have enough faith to believe what you believe. I'm a person of faith so I have to believe in God. You know that always gets them."

The professors say this is no protest and they still want Carson to speak at the commencement.

They say they simply want to draw attention to Carson's stance.

"I credit my university with being open to and engaging in these conversations because it's not having those conversations where that can lead to many dangerous situations in politics and beyond that we see in our country today," Eisen said.

"God has given us plenty of evidence of who he is," Carson said.

About 500 of students, teachers and alumni have signed the professors' letter in support.

Carson will also receive an honorary degree from Emory during the graduation.

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