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Dozens Of Students Forced To Re-Take College Admissions Test

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- College admissions exams--lost in the mail. A major mistake costs dozens of Maryland high school students their test results.

Christie Ileto speaks to the students and the parents who are affected.

Students were notified this week. Now the ACT is working to uncover how almost 100 answer sheets disappeared.

Instead of ACT scores, dozens of students got a notice in their inbox.

"'Hey. We're really sorry, but we somehow misplaced your son's scores,'" said Cary Leddy.

The ACT tells WJZ a damaged package forced 88 of 296 answer sheets to get lost in the mail.

Testing was at Southern High School, but students from any area school could have tested there, including Cary Leddy's son from St. Mary's High.

"All this time and effort and anxiety, money spent in tutoring and buying products to better the test, you know? And for what?" said Leddy.

The news goes viral, with one parent calling ACT's apology unacceptable.

The ACTs aren't part of high school curriculum, but are exams used for college admissions. The September test date was the last for students who needed results for early decision.

"Their test scores will usually need to be in earlier. Some schools may have an October deadline, a November deadline," said Dr. Dave Fedorchak, Towson University counselor.

College counselors explain deadlines are firm, meaning some students are back to the books for next week's test date. Swamped, Arundel High senior Jordan Gruber talks to WJZ by phone.

"This also puts me extremely behind on my college deadlines for applications and scholarships. So I could potentially be losing out on thousands of dollars," she said.

Hard work those affected fear could be down the drain.

Students who are applying for early decision are allowed to use the message they received this week to get an extension for those deadlines.

ACT is refunding test fees to students affected. They will be allowed to reschedule for another date at no cost.

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