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Dozens More Killed After 2nd Earthquake Hits Nepal

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Around the clock operations in Nepal after the second massive earthquake in just two weeks hits the Himalayas. Even more devastation, and dozens more people killed.

Christie Ileto has the story.

A sudden 7.3 magnitude tremor fills the streets of a rural town just north of Nepal's capital, with panicked people running and terrified.

Tuesday's aftershock  is the largest since the April 25 earthquake that's left more than 8,000 people dead.

"This time it was very big. I was afraid that what happened to my house. I just ran here. I was very scared," said one woman.

A thousand more people are injured this time, with dozens dead.

"When we felt the earthquake on that Saturday, it caused widespread panic," said Dr. Mike Landry.

Dr. Landry was in Nepal last month with Maryland-based group Handicap International for a conference. He spoke with WJZ by Skype in North Carolina.

Ileto: "Did your mission change once the earthquake did hit?"

Landry: "Yes, absolutely. When an event like this happens, there's a spread of information and whoever is closest is expected to respond. I was one hour away, so I responded."

Landry immediately began nursing children and adults with fractures, brain injuries and severe infections.

U.S. troops had been delivering supplies to some of the hardest hit areas before this latest tremor. Now there are reports a marine chopper has disappeared. Eight people were on board.

The Pentagon says there were no distress signal, only reports of a fuel problem.

Still, parts of Nepal are left in ruins--already from last month's quake. Residents struggle to recover from this one-two punch of seismic tremors.

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