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Double Shooting Adds To Already Staggering Violence Across City

BALTIMORE (WJZ)— Taking back the streets. Baltimore City police swarm crime hot spots after more than two dozen people were shot in just a matter of days.

Meghan McCorkell has more as this violent streak grips the city.

Five more people were shot in the city Tuesday night alone. Now the police are putting a massive show of force on the streets to try and stop the violence.

A couple were walking out of a Wendy's on MLK Boulevard when multiple gunmen opened fire, striking them both. The victims are two of more than two dozen people shot in the city since Friday.

"Clearly the pace of violence this past week is just unacceptable. We're very concerned about it," said Deputy Commissioner John Skinner.

Among the eight killed was 18-year-old Donyae Jones, who wrote her husband's name in blood on a wall as she lay dying.

Anthony Harvell says his wife was two months pregnant.

"They took everything from me. When my wife died, she has my heart. Now my wife is gone. She's got my heart and I'm gone too," he said.

Now, police are going door-to-door throughout the city.

Police officers and trainees fanned out across communities, passing out flyers and looking for clues.

Police have also significantly stepped up enforcement in the neighborhoods where the shootings have happened to send a message.

Those touched by the violence want to see this level of police presence in the future.

"I just hope they don't stop because it makes me feel safe, you know, because now I'm scared to let my grandkids come out," said Joanna Harvell.

Police are offering rewards for information leading to arrests in this spate of violence.

This as families plead for answers about who stole the lives of those they loved.

"Please help me. That's all I want is help. That's all I ask for," Anthony Harvell said.

Police say Citywatch crime cameras captured Tuesday night's shooting outside the Wendy's. Images of the suspects have been given out to patrol officers.

One of the victims shot Tuesday night died; the others are expected to survive.

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