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Md. Teacher Who Wrote School Shooting Book Speaks Out From Mental Institution

TOWSON, Md. (WJZ)-- For the first time we are hearing from a Dorchester County school teacher placed on administrative leave and admitted to a mental health facility after police say he wrote a fictional book depicting a school shooting.

But that's not all, a four-page letter with suicidal overtones raised the eyebrows of colleagues and members of the community but the teacher says they got it all wrong.

Rochelle Ritchie reports.

The teacher spoke by phone from Sheppard Pratt saying things are being taken out of context and he does not need mental treatment.

Patrick McLaw remains on leave from his teaching duties at Maces Lane Middle School in Campbridge. police say his fictional book "The Insurrectionist" gained national attention for its alarming depiction of a school shooting and a four-page letter sprinkled with suicidal undertones was sent to colleagues.

"They believe that perhaps he was reaching out for some help," said Sheriff.

But McLaw says they have it all wrong.

"Law enforcement has not tried to contact me, they have been misinterpreting information," McLaw said.

In a phone interview from Sheppard Pratt in Baltimore, where McLaw is being treated, he says he does not need a mental evaluation.

"They have been disseminating information incorrectly to the psychiatrist and medical professionals up here who have been making diagnosis that, you know, are invalid and irrelevant," McLaw said.

Sheriff deputies say the investigation into McLaw didn't stem solely from his writings.

"Within hours we received information of perhaps an inappropriate relationship involving a student so we had some concerns," said Wicomico County Sheriff Mike Lewis.

The 23-year-old teacher is banned from school property. Investigators say inside of a shed, they recovered a handmade model of a school.

But McLaw says what has been taken as a threat is nothing more than a hobby.

"This entire situation is a complete, and total misunderstanding. And it is unfortunate that it has come to this," McLaw said.

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