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Dirt Bike Park Coming To Baltimore?

BALTIMORE (WJZ)--Three people killed last year alone and many already injured this year in dirt bike crashes on city streets.

Now city leaders are looking to take action to get dirt bikers off the roads while still allowing them to ride.

Meghan McCorkell explains the proposal.

21-year old Ka're Smith died this past July when his dirt bike collided with a car. He's one of three people killed in dirt bike related crashes in 2015 alone.

This summer police showed force cracking down on illegal dirt bike riding in northwest Baltimore.

But even today Sky Eye Chopper 13 found riders weaving through traffic.

"The police come chase you, you break your neck and kill yourself and they laugh and ride away," said Steve, with the 12 o'clock Boys.

Steve rides with the 12 o'clock Boys and says he is ready for a compromise.

"We need a place to ride," he said.

City officials are considering building a dirt bike park much like the skateboard park here in Hampden.

"To give them a venue, to give them a place to ride their bikes changes the whole game," said Councilman Pete Welch.

Lorren Hayman is fighting for the new park after her relative, 24-year old Allison Blanding, was killed when she was hit by a dirt bike performing a wheelie back in May.

"We're concerned and we don't want the same situation to repeat itself, for someone else to be a victim," said Hayman.

City officials are still looking at different locations and a final price tag has not been released.

But some say it's a problem that's not going away.

"We just have to realize that they're not going to stop riding the bikes and the police can't chase them, so we have to think of other alternatives," said Councilman Brandon Scott.

Alternatives that could keep everyone safe.

Councilman Welch says he hopes to have a temporary place for dirt bike riders by this summer.

The city is forming a task force to study creating a dirt bike park.

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