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Defensive back depth issues for Ravens

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BALTIMORE -- A Ravens player was injured during a  training session in Owings Mills.

Damarion "Pepe" Williams was carted off the field with an injury that was treated by trainers.

Although the injury isn't serious, it's a reminder of the impact that nagging injuries have had on the Ravens' defensive secondary within the first few weeks of camp.

Multiple players have missed practice sessions.

The good news is that it's still early on, and the first real game is a month away.

Having depth at the position is on the mind of head coach John Harbaugh, though.

"It's an issue. There's no question," Harbaugh said. "We've had those guys … they've kind of been in and out. You know 'Pepe' [Damarion Williams] is coming back. It's not a new injury or anything like that, but he's got to bring it back and get up to speed."

Harbaugh noted that "these little tweaky things" keep happening to his players.

"They're annoying. There's no doubt about it, and the players are annoyed by it, too," he said. "Yes, we have to look at that for sure." 

Harbaugh said he would not play his starters when the Ravens square off against Philadelphia in Baltimore on Saturday night for the first of three pre-season games.

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