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Cost Of Fixing JFX Higher Than Expected

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- The JFX is one step closer to being repaired and the city is coming up with the money to make emergency repairs.

Mike Schuh reports the costs have gone up and could be even more than budgeted.

Because those middle lanes are unsafe, the city will spend millions in emergency repairs.

The city knows there's a problem under there.

"We basically have some erosion, soil erosion underground," said Adrienne Barnes, Baltimore City Transportation Department.

The leaks from broken wastewater pipes have washed away tons of dirt under those lanes in this section that are closed. Large cavities are under the pavement.

Initially, the city thought the cost for this work would be a million bucks, but when only one contractor bid, the price doubled.

"We open the bids up and there were four or five and two didn't bid but the one came in at approximately $2 million," Barnes said.

Wednesday at the Board of Estimates, a $2 million repair was approved and they're told once they find what's really below the surface, it could be even more expensive.

Motorists are already tired of this and are less concerned about the price tag.

"I think the road needs to be fixed quickly and it needs to be safe," said Nancy Rittenhouse.

"I'd like to see them get it fixed as fast as they can," said Joe Malafarina. "Within reasonable means."

We're going to have to live with some uncertainty. They don't even know exactly when work will begin, how much it will cost or when it will be finished.

The city says some of the work is so large in scale that at times, there will be total lane closures in the middle of the night.

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