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Stevensville Woman Using Free Flowers To Spread Smiles Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

STEVENSVILLE, Md. (WJZ) -- At the end of Rona Warner's driveway in Stevensville, Maryland, sits a table covered in flowers.

"I've learned to arrange things with just what I have," she said.

The member of the Kent Island Garden Club would normally be busy caring for the gardens in the town's historic district, but with the pandemic canceling club meetings, she found herself with a little extra time and an idea.

"I thought in this time of the pandemic, there's so much sadness, it would be nice for people to feel joy and I tried to think, 'What makes me feel joyful?' And it's flowers," she said.

With the help of her husband Steve, Warner grows, picks and arranges bouquets of flowers. She then offers them to anyone walking by free of charge.

"People don't always take them, I think sometimes they feel a little guilty," she said.

Despite that, looking at them seems to make people smile, Warner said.

Her efforts have been underway for two months now. When people stop by, she also gives out treats for the little ones and for peoples' four-legged friends.

"She's a very kind person, very loving, generous," neighbor Mimi Swigert said.

That generosity is rubbing off as neighbors pitch in donating signs, dog treats and vases.

"Neighbors helping neighbors, it's a nice thing. It just makes you happy," neighbor Kim Eichelman said.

To Warner, it's a little thing but sometimes that's all you need.

"I think what we're finding out in this pandemic is the little things is what really means the most," she said.

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