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Constellation Energy Investing In Creating Hybrid Truck Fleets

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- For nearly 20 years, hybrid cars have traveled on our roadways, but there's not been many large work trucks using hybrid technology.

Now, Constellation Energy is investing in making that happen.

While there are millions of hybrids on our roads, the trend has not spread very deeply into work trucks, particularly pickups and delivery vans.

But in downtown Baltimore, inside the new Exelon building, where Constellation Energy buys and sells massive amounts of gas and electric, a part of the company looks for new energy companies to invest in.

So it, along with the financial arm of Ikea, bought part of a Boston company, XL Hybrids.

"We're out there looking for emerging companies with high potential that have product, services, solutions that we think are complimentary to what we are doing," said Scott Dupcak, with Constellation Technology Ventures.

This energy company is looking for energy investments.

Dupcak says the business of making trucks to be 25 to 50 percent more efficient should grow and grow.

"So why can't the manufacturers do this? Why is a startup doing it? They could do it, the manufacturers though are interested in doing very high volume production, so the volume of vehicles they're going after right now is just below their radar," he said.

Right now, Coca-Cola, the city of Boston have bought the modification, which amounts to battery powered motors helping to drive the wheels.

Equipment what will pay for itself with the savings gained by using less fuel.

"They're getting significant follow on orders from those fleet customers," Dupcak said.

Ford approves of the conversion work, so the factory warranty is still good.

Exelon also owns BGE, so will we see some of these hybrids on the streets of Baltimore?

The short answer is: They're working on it.

So far, about 2000 trucks have been converted by that company.

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