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Confidential Letter Sheds Light On Why Morgan State President Was Ousted

BALTIMORE (WJZ)— Harsh criticism of Morgan State University's embattled president. WJZ has obtained a confidential letter blasting Dr. David Wilson for his performance leading the university.

Derek Valcourt explains the critique comes from the head of the university's Board of Regents.

It's a harsh criticism in which he makes clear he thinks the decision to renew the university president's contract even for one year is a big mistake.

When the Morgan State's Board of Regents voted to oust Dr. David Wilson as university president last month he told WJZ he didn't know why.

"It was indeed a shock for me," Wilson said.

But now a confidential letter obtained by WJZ sheds some light on the matter.

In it Board of Regents chair Dallas Evans slams Wilson, saying "under his leadership the university has been severely compromised on many levels, and it is significantly more vulnerable than ever before to legal liability and political embarrassment."

The letter goes on to indicate Wilson is dismissive toward the Board of Regents, misleading and manipulating the members, attempts to circumvent various state regulations, and shows a lack of candor and failure to appropriately manage issues.

The letter also says that he often seeks to promote himself instead of the university.

Students and faculty who rallied to support him couldn't disagree more.

"His vision for the university has been developed through a shared effort that warrants praise of the highest order," a student said.

While the Board of Regents voted not to renew Wilson's current three-year contract, pressure and petitions from supportive students and faculty may have played a role in the Board of Regents decision to negotiate a one-year contract with Wilson -- a move Evans calls a mistake.

WJZ reached out to Evans and Wilson for comment on this story.

To read the entire letter from the Board of Regents chair criticizing Morgan State's president, click here.

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