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Community Wants Justice After Freddie Gray's Death

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- As the mayor and the Baltimore Police Department released the Freddie Gray arrest video, people were gathering in our community to march in protest.

Marcus Washington walked with demonstrators and has more of what people are feeling in the community.

It was five blocks of chanting, all related to justice for Freddie Gray. The march remained peaceful, but there were many emotions expressed of anger and pain.

Just one block from where Freddie Gray was arrested and last seen alive by many people in the community, dozens gathered in protest.

"Every person of Baltimore should feel something when a life is lost," said Adrian Muldrow.

From Sky Eye Chopper 13, you could see more than 100 people march for five blocks.

"We're not stopping until we get justice. We're not trying to send violence as a message, but as the people we just want justice for Frederick," said Carron Morgan.

Along the way, more people joined the march--a feeling that means a lot to many people who have walked these streets their entire life.

"I think it's tragic, but it's hopeful because nobody wants to come together in a tragic matter like this. But look at the kids. They're saying they want to live, they're saying they want to do better. They're saying they want a chance at life," said Lucky Crosby.

Click here for the latest on the investigation into Freddie Gray's death.

Once at the Baltimore Police Western District, lined with officers, the chants continued. As an officer approached the crowd, questions were asked with lots of heated emotion.

"They are supposed to protect and serve us. They are hurting us more," said Tarsha Mackk.

"I don't like what happened any more than you guys out here, whether you believe that or not," the officer responded.

"What happened? What happened to Freddie Gray is what got me upset. And for him to get hurt in the hands of the Western District Police Department, I thought they were here to protect and to serve us," said Mackk.

"You know they are looking for answers, too. Right now, I think it's a situation where everybody needs to be patient until next Friday when they put out the full report," said Christina Flowers.

Stay with WJZ for complete coverage of the Freddie Gray death investigation. We will continue to keep you updated on this constantly unfolding story.

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