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Coleman's Grille: The King Gets Crowned By Reality

He proclaimed himself "The King." He put himself on the "Mt Rushmore" of all time NBA greats. And people wonder why LeBron James is disparaged so much? What they shouldn't question is ANY notion that he's on the verge or IS better than Michael Jordan because there is no debate anymore. His legacy has been tarnished.

By dropping another NBA finals - this one to the Spurs, James is now 2-3 over his career in the championship round. And you could argue 1-4 if San Antonio hadn't blown it last season and let Ray Allen sink them. Jordan went 6-0 in the finals, while capturing 6 MVPs. Jordan lost 1 finals game by over 15 points. Lebron just lost 4 in 1 year. Jordan could put a team on his back. Lebron seems to require assistance, and when no one is around the result is ugly.

One might argue that Tim Duncan and his 5 titles has a superior resume to LeBron. James continues to be inconsistent and unable to completely and thoroughly take over a basketball game in a clutch situation. Like yes, Jordan used to. (Google him, kids).


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