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Cold Blue Issued As Maryland Deals With Winds, Frigid Temperatures

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- This weekend, many Marylanders are clearing away snow and bundling up after another round of winter weather and cold temperatures.

With forecasted wind chills in the single digits, Baltimore Health Commissioner Letitia Dzirasa has issued a Code Blue Extreme Cold declaration for the city through Sunday morning.

"I encourage residents to stay indoors, especially those most vulnerable to cold," Dzirasa said. "Extreme low temperatures can be life-threatening especially for our most vulnerable populations. Please be sure to check on neighbors who you think may be at risk to ensure that they have heat and power, and take care to shelter pets appropriately."

Many spent part of their Saturday clearing away snow like Tom Malone in Queen Anne's County.

"Just trying to get the snow off the driveway and, you know, make sure that then if the sun comes out, it will melt a little bit," he said.

Malone said that this latest storm did not seem to be as intense as the last one but he said the winds felt pretty strong while the snow fell on Friday.

"Lot of wind, lot of wind," he said. "The last big storm we had here (was) last month. Definitely, a lot heavier snow, but today, it's mostly just the wind."

For others, the storm brought them a day of fun on the slopes

"This is the infamous Kent Island K-Mart parking lot. This is the big hill," said Katie Connolly, who went sledding there with her son on Saturday.

"He's been having smiles plastered on his face every time we go down the hill . . . You know, this is how memories are made," she said.

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