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Cliff Floyd Talks Baseball With Rob Long

Former big leaguer and current analyst for MLB Network, Cliff Floyd, joined Rob to talk about what it's like to stand in the batters box at Camden Yards. He says that if you can't hit at the Yard, you probably won't have a long career in the majors.

When asked about having "baseball guys" in your organization, Floyd said it is very important to have guys who have been around for a while. He said having people like Buck Showalter and Dan Duquette, who have great baseball minds, helps the team significantly.

Earlier in the show, the comparison of Mike Trout and Ken Griffey Jr. came about. When asked about his opinion, Floyd agreed with Rob that Griffey is the better outfielder. He did note how things for Griffey went downhill when he got to Cincinnati. He hopes that does not happen with Mike Trout and stresses how important it is to stay healthy. Check it out!

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