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Class Of 2026 Plebes Report For Induction Day At The US Naval Academy

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- The U.S. Naval Academy welcomed about 1,200 plebes, or freshmen, to its Annapolis campus Thursday.

Induction Day is the official first day of "plebe summer," and it's a whirlwind unlike any other first day of school. Plebe summer is six weeks of basic midshipmen training — which prepares students for their first academic year at the Naval Academy.

Students were ushered through various stations in which they are issued gear, learn how to salute, get haircuts and, of course, get a good dose of yelling.

Nicole Dado, a junior from New Jersey, helped get the freshmen prepared for their four-year journey.

"These first 10 minutes at Alumni hall, they're learning 'hey, I have to follow instructions, I have to respond when given instructions, and acknowledge that they're getting done,'" Dado said. "Plebe summer is going to be tough, it's going to be long."

The plebes get sized up for their equipment, including feet measurements for their shoes. Men have their hair buzzed, and they'll have it cut every three weeks in the summer.

"So when you're finished getting this haircut follow that green line, they will start screaming at ya," one barber said to a plebe.

The freshman will learn commands and be issued Reef Points, the go-to handbook for Navy Academy information and instructions.

"Inside of Reef Points, they have all their ranks they're gonna have to memorize, all the ranks of the enlisted officers, all the military branches," said Caroline Coleman of Maryland. "That's the same book the plebes hold up to their face just constantly memorizing, constantly looking at."

At one station, the freshman learn some customs and courtesies of the Navy and the Marine Corps.

"Good luck with the rest of your summer, hydrate, don't lock your knees and look after each other," a commanding officer advised the freshman. "Get out!"



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