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City's 'No. 1 Trigger Puller' Back In Custody After Accidental Release

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Outrage in Baltimore City as a man police once dubbed the City's "number one trigger puller," is accidentally released from jail. Plenty of questions remain unanswered.

Rick Ritter has more on how he was taken back into custody.

He was on the loose for a full day and a half before he was tracked down by federal agents. It's a mistake that has many wondering how this could happen.

"No excuse at all, bottom line, point blank, they should of never let him out,"  said Cavanas Hall of Baltimore.

Montana Barronette was once considered one of the most dangerous men in Baltimore City by police, but somehow made his way back onto the streets.

Just hours after he was accidentally released from jail, sources told WJZ  Barronette, the man linked to 12 different murders, managed to slip all the way to Brooklyn, New York to watch Sandtown-Winchester native Gervonta Davis fight for a boxing title.

"Barronette is very good at his craft, his craft is killing," says Baltimore City Police Commissioner Kevin Davis.

Thought to be a member of the notorious Black Guerrilla Family Gang, Barronette is possibly linked to 12 different murders, which is what originally landed him behind bars back in August.

On Saturday morning around 3 a.m., the 21-year-old was accidentally released from Central Booking.

"It's not just someone was released, it's the who was released, this is something who is considered to be the most dangerous person in Baltimore," says Baltimore City Councilman Brandon Scott.

Barronette was indicted by the FBI so the state dropped its charges. The department of correctional services says employees didn't realize the federal indictment was in place, so they just let him go. Federal agents eventually tracked him down in Reisterstown, a full day and a half later.

"When the mistake of this magnitude is made, you just don't get a slap on the wrist, someone has to know this is very serious," says Councilman Scott.

Two booking center employees have been suspended. Department of Correctional Services released a statement saying these releases are rare and their investigation continues to make sure this doesn't happen again. WJZ reached out for an interview but they said no one is available. Barronette is now being held at the Chesapeake Detention Center downtown.

A full day-and-a-half later, federal agents tracked Barronette to a location in Reisterstown. Two booking center employees were suspended.

"When a mistake of this magnitude is made, you just don't get a slap on the wrist. Someone has to know that this is very serious because it could cost someone their life," said Scott.

The department said the accidental releases are rare and that they are taking the matter seriously.

Barronette is now being held at the Chesapeake Detention Center downtown.

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