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Citizen Scene Spotter: Tips On Baltimore's Nightlife In Winter, Jeff

By Julekha Dash

On any given night, there's a good chance you'll find Jeff at his favorite neighborhood hangout, the Dizz. That happens to be the same Remington bar that Duff Goldman and his fellow Charm City Cakes' crew like to frequent after a long day at the bakery.

Jeff has plenty of other tips about where to nurse a brew indoors while snow falls in Baltimore.

12/27 Nightlife & Music in Baltimore Jeff
Photo Credit: Jeff Ford

Name: Jeff
Age: 36
How long have you lived in Baltimore: I grew up in Baltimore and moved back four years ago.
What neighborhood do you live in: Charles Village
Occupation: Selling heavy machinery

Baltimore skyline generic night
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CBSBaltimore: Do you like going out in the winter in Baltimore?
Jeff: I used to live in Chicago so it beats winter in Chicago.

CBSBaltimore: What's your favorite winter drink?
Jeff: [Locally made brew] Resurrection Ale.

CBSBaltimore: What's your favorite place to drink in the winter?
Jeff: Hamilton Tavern. I grew up in the neighborhood [of Hamilton]. Whenever my friends come back for the holidays we always go back to the Hamilton Tavern because we all grew up in the neighborhood. The Wharf Rat in Fells Point has a fireplace. That's a cool place to go in the winter.

CBSBaltimore: What's your favorite winter comfort bar food?
Jeff: Crab skins. They have them at the Dizz. They're potato skins with crab and cheese. The one thing I love about Baltimore bars is getting steamed shrimp or mussels.

12/27 Nightlife & Music Potato Skins
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CBSBaltimore: Where do you like listening to music indoors?
Jeff: The Windup Space and Metro Gallery in the Station North neighborhood.

CBSBaltimore: What else do you like to do in the winter?
Jeff: I play in a bowling league at the Patterson Bowling Center (in Patterson Park). That's a favorite in the fall and winter. I like to run a lot and in December they have the Celtic Solstice in Druid Hill Park, which is a really awesome race. A lot of people run in kilts and in Santa Claus outfits. After the race, Atwater's has soup and Boordy's has wine afterwards. You run around the lake. There's a big statue of William Wallace — the guy from "Braveheart."

Julekha Dash is managing editor of and a freelancer in Ellicott City. She has written for the Baltimore Business Journal, Baltimore magazine, and

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