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CBD Oil Emerging As New Treatment Option For Pet Owners

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- If you're a pet-parent and your pooch is on medication, a new treatment option is emerging.

It's cannabis oil, a non-psycho active extract from marijuana, and some pet owners are seeing excellent results.

Owner Holly Wolf says the medication Bear was taking to prevent seizures had side-effects, potential kidney and liver damage, lethargy, and weight gain.

After consulting with her vet, Wolf switched to cannabinoids, CBD.

"My puppy came back, " she said. "I foster dogs and he's playing with the foster dogs, he's playing with my puppy whereas before he just kind of laid there."

CBD oil is an extract of marijuana without the psychoactive component that gets you high. It has been used for a number of pet conditions, including arthritis.

Dina Boebel, who is a consultant at Nature's Care and Wellness in Perryville says it's helped her sister's dog.

"My sister used to have to carry her dog up and down the steps," Boebel said. "I was watching her dog, gave him some CBD, and he was going up and down the steps, jumping on the sofa."

Nature's Care and Wellness dispenses medical cannabis products, including CBD for pets.

Dana Bridges is the clinical director, who administers CBD to her own pet.

"My dog has arthritis, she has two fake knees, she had cancer in her right front leg and it required a flap to close it," Bridges said. "She was really struggling to go up and the steps wouldn't go on her walks and she is doing amazing."

Still, owners are strongly urged not to replace their pet's current medication or administer CBD without first consulting their vets, just as Holly did.

"I feel like the CBD has really brought him back, back to life and back to us," she said.

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