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Caroll County woman makes a splash with all natural bath and skincare products

Caroll County woman makes a splash with all natural bath and skincare products
Caroll County woman makes a splash with all natural bath and skincare products 03:11

BALTIMORE — A Carroll County woman is making a splash with her bath and skincare products, made with all natural ingredients. 

From body butters to sugar scrubs to shower steamers, not only does Kelly Sigmon make it all herself, but she owns her own business, "Kelly's Homemades."

"We put avocado oil, vitamin E oil, and then we add the scent," she says. "And we add the color and we mix it. We just use our hands because it's easier."

Mom Carolyn says Kelly has always wanted to be a business owner. Right now they sell at local farmers markets and craft fairs. You can also find "Kelly's Homemades" on Facebook

"We're not in it to make a million dollars or anything," Carolyn says. "But it's just been a rewarding experience for her, and gives her purpose. Once she finished school, we didn't know how it would go for her. Would she be happy? And this makes her happy."

The Mount Airy family could not have done it without local non-profit Bello Machre. Kelly has down syndrome. And for more than 50 years, the organization has been supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. They connected Kelly with job coach Ashlie Peck, who comes every Monday.

"I see Kelly really expanding and getting an online store in the future, and being able to mail things out all over the country," Peck says.

Bello Machre serves more than 400 people, providing resources to help children and adults with disabilities live full, independent, rich lives.

"I hope for Kelly the same thing that mom hopes for. That she'll have a life of challenges and successes. And she'll be surrounded by people who care about her. That she will not only be inspired, but also inspire others," says Bello Machre CEO Robert Ireland. "That's my dream for her."

Kelly is living her dream, running a flourishing business. 

"The bestselling one we have is the bath bombs because kids love it," Kelly says. "And they get excited when they get in the bath and it explodes in their bathtub."

She's also helping others dream big.

"She has inspired many other individuals with disabilities to have their own business," Carolyn says. "And it's so nice because it's flexible. And you can do what you like to do, what your interests are. So she's been a great inspiration to others."

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