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Carnival Cruise Sets Sail On First Cruise From Port Of Baltimore Since Industry-Wide Pause In Operations

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- The Carnival Pride cruise ship left from the Port of Baltimore Sunday, packed with travelers willing to take the risk of travel.

Many said they feel the ship is doing what it can to keep people safe and they keep reassured by their vaccination that now is the time to get out of the house

Hundreds of travelers are masked up and ready to go to the Bahamas -- even with the unending threat of COVID-19.

The Executive Director at the Port of Baltimore said they have followed all safety protocols and implemented new systems to keep people safe.

Because of this, the seven-day cruise is not a concern for the horns, who came from Ohio to depart from this port.

"I don't think the risks are any more than being at home going to Kroger with a lot more fun involved."

"The economic benefits for the City of Baltimore: hotels, restaurants so thousands of people come in the day before they spend money in the City of Baltimore."

In Nov., a newer cruise, the Carnival 'Legend' will replace the Carnival Pride at Baltimore's Port. The pride will then start departing from Tampa.

On Dec. 23, a Royal Caribbean cruise ship is expected to be docking in Baltimore to pick up passengers and depart later that same day.

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