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Baltimore Marriott Searching For Best Food and Beverage Entrepreneurs

BALTIMORE (WJZ)--No matter how successful some people are at their jobs, they dream of doing something else.

As Mike Schuh reports, the Marriott hotel chain is offering one would-be-restaurateur a way out.

It's kind of like the Amazing Race, a little bit of reality TV and a little bit of Survivor, but it's a contest centered on food.

"It's called the Canvas Project. It's a food and beverage incubator lab kind of concept. So what we're trying to do is attract the best and brightest from Baltimore," said Onahlea Shimunek, GM Marriott Inner Harbor.

The hotel is offering to convert this former meeting room, it's expertise and up to $50,000--what they need is your concept.

"If you just think about the word canvas, this is a blank canvas, take advantage of it," Shimunek says.

A blank canvas 500 yards from "The Yard", inside a major downtown hotel. Baltimore is one of three places where Marriott is trying out this idea. Experts like their executive chef will help the winner succeed.

"I think that's the great part of this project, it's outside of anything we could dream of as a company," said Jasen Fontaine, Executive Chef  Marriott Inner Harbor.

In other words, wow them with your food and they'll help you become a great restaurateur which Marriott is committed to doing.

Baltimore is only the 3rd Marriott in the country to hold a contest like this.

Shimunek says, "It's a unique opportunity, you want to run your own restaurant, you want to run your own bar, this is the best time to take advantage of this opportunity."

The live grilling of the contestants happens at the Marriott Inner Harbor on May the 11th.

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