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Candidates In Md. Primary Election Push To Get Out The Vote

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) -- Candidates in Maryland's primary election hit the ground running.

Pat Warren has more on their push to get out the vote.

Voters set a record with their turnout for early voting in a primary with 141,000 Marylanders casting ballots. But there are still hundreds of thousands of voters out there who are expected to vote on Tuesday.

It's the end of early voting and candidates are already seeing some fruit for their labors.

"You just voted for me yesterday! That's awesome. Thank you so much," Heather Mizeur said to a voter.

Now it's time to grab the voters by the hand and get them to the polls on Tuesday.

"Energized. We are energized and out there reaching out to every Maryland voter," said Anthony Brown.

"You want to take a picture with the next governor of the state of Maryland," said Doug Gansler.

"We're high-fiving 'cause we're going to win this election," Mizeur said.

Undecided voters, hundreds of thousands of them, are still out there.

While Brown is still considered the frontrunner, candidates Gansler and Mizeur remain undeterred by pundit predictions and both are unmoved by newspaper polls. Both see opportunities for convincing.

"Our polls show that this is a neck and neck race and we should actually prevail come Tuesday," Gansler said.

Mizeur, whose supporters made their own signs, is banking on grassroots.

"That is true grassroots, when they're so excited about you that they're making their own signs on behalf of your campaign. You better believe that's a campaign that's got momentum and one that's going to win," said Mizeur.

And the only way anybody wins:

"It's important that we inform every Maryland voter that the primary is not in September, it's in June. It's on Tuesday, this Tuesday coming," said Brown.

That's Tuesday, June 24 for the primary election.

Maryland Republicans will choose from a field of four candidates.

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