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Police Trainee Shot In Head During Exercise Honored By Academy A Week After Filing Suit

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- A new class of police graduates emerges in Baltimore--without one classmate--a trainee, shot in the head by his supervisor during an exercise.

This, as the trainee sues the department and the city's top cop.

Monique Griego reports--the injured man was honored at police headquarters.

Raymond Gray wasn't able to be at the ceremony, but his brother accepted an award on his behalf.

As the newest set of Baltimore police officers took an oath Friday night, one cadet was missing. Raymond Gray didn't make it to graduation.

He's still recovering after being shot in the head by instructor, William Kern, during academy training.

"He will be impaired for the rest of his life, but he's very fortunate to be with us," said Dwight Pettit, Gray's lawyer.

Gray, a University of Maryland Baltimore police recruit, lost an eye and is now relearning verbal and motor skills.

When the accident happened, he was training with city police in Owings Mills.

Last week, Gray filed a multi-million dollar suit against the officers involved, the city, the police department and Police Commissioner Anthony Batts.

"He has, in our opinion, a civil liability for that lack of policies, procedures, administration," Pettit said.

The commissioner couldn't comment due to litigation, but here's what he told WJZ about the incident back in March.

"It is something I take very seriously, and it's going to be the driving force that helps me to make the differences in this organization so no one has to ever go through this again," Batts said.

At the graduation ceremony, Gray's brother received an award in his honor. For Gray''s loved ones, the lawsuit is not only about paying medical bills, it's about getting answers.

"For the family to find out what actually happened. Was Officer Kern clowning around, was he showing off, was he just being belligerent?" Pettit said.

The officer that show Gray has been charged with second-degree assault and reckless endangerment.

The lawyer for that officer has said the shooting was not a crime, but a tragic accident.

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