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Bye Bye Cicadas: Experts Predict Brood X Will Dwindle Within Next 10 Days

(WJZ) -- Whether you love cicadas or hate them, brood x is leaving as quickly as it came.

If you're going out for a hike or visiting a park this weekend, you'll likely see fewer cicadas. Some experts say most of the noisy bugs are going to be gone in about seven to 10 days, thank goodness.

Soon, we'll be able to drive with our windows down, and the deafening chirp will disappear. Hospitals will start seeing fewer cicada-related injuries.

Unfortunately, we'll also be saying bye family bonding over cicada pizza.  Many of us might miss the great art inspired by brood x too.

So now we can either dread or look forward to seeing - and tasting - them again in 2038.

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