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Buster Olney On Orioles: "You Might As Well Go All In"

Buster Olney of ESPN joined Bob and Terry to talk about the trade rumors surrounding the Orioles.

Olney said he sees the Orioles trading some of their top relievers, but says they should explore trading Manny Machado and Adam Jones.

Olney starts by talking about the bullpen, "Once you decide to break up that bullpen, you might as well take offers on all the guys who may not be with the team after 2018. You might as well see if the Red Sox would give you something really really good for Manny Machado." He continued to say, "You might as well see what you can get for him and for Adam Jones. I know it's not going to happen, but the question I think  Dan Duquette needs to ask Peter Angelos is 'are you prepared to spend $350 M on Manny Machado?' and if the answer is no, you should be looking to at least see what you can get for him in the trade market."

Buster also said they should explore trading Dylan Bundy because of the pitcher needy teams. Tune in to hear even more MLB trade rumors.


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