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Buck Showalter Thinks Chris Davis Has Been Approved For Adderall Use

Baltimore Orioles's Manager Buck Showalter joined Ed and Steve to talk about the Orioles off-season so far.

Buck broke the news that he thinks Chris Davis has been approved to use Adderall next season.

"He's in a great frame of mind. He actually got approved for what, I think, they suspended him for (Adderall), go figure that out."

On Davis being approved to use Adderall next season: "Supposedly, it's probably not public, so don't tell anybody."


Buck also talked about the winter meetings saying "it wasn't too eventful for actually was eventful, just not public yet." leaving everyone wondering what he meant.

Buck also talked about attending the Army vs Navy game at M&T Bank stadium and how much the crowd is respectful of both sides at that game and both teams are also respectful of each other.

Buck also addressed losing Nick Markakis and how much of a loss both will be for the organization and the city.

It's tough...Nick & his family treated people like you'd like to be treated." "Nicky is going to fine, he grew up there. It's a great place for him, he got a great 4 year contract." He'll impact just didn't fit [In Baltimore].


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