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Browns Fan Posts Video Of Himself Urinating On Art Modell's Grave

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- A shocking video has outraged Ravens Nation. A Cleveland Browns fan taped himself urinating on the grave of former Ravens owner Art Modell. Ravens fans are outraged that someone would deface the memory of a man who meant so much to Maryland. Now Baltimore County police are investigating whether a crime was committed.

Meghan McCorkell has reaction from the team and Modell's family.

Art Modell's son David told our media partner, the Baltimore Sun, the video is incredibly distasteful and revolting.

In the Youtube video, a man ripped off a Ravens jersey to reveal a Browns jersey hidden underneath. He used a tube down his pants to urinate on the grave of Ravens owner Art Modell and said to the camera, "As far as [expletive] on your grave, I had no choice."

The fan referenced a phrase made by Modell when he moved his team from Ohio to Maryland in 1996, drawing ire from Cleveland fans.

The video is now drawing fire from Ravens Nation.

"He's got to be an extremely sick person," said Ravens fan David Thomas.

"That's just really disrespectful," a fan said.

"That's unbelievable. Appalling," another fan said.

"We better not catch in Baltimore when Cleveland plays Baltimore," a fan said.

In a statement to WJZ, team officials say "the Ravens and the Modell family are aware of the video and security for both the Ravens and the Modell family are investigating the incident."

Officials at the cemetery are calling the fan's actions both disappointing and disrespectful.

Both on and off the field, Art Modell made a big impact, giving millions to charities in both Maryland and Ohio. A donation to the Modell Lyric remains one of the most generous in Baltimore history.

"Pat and Art Modell---as we celebrate our 120th anniversary---have meant everything to the Lyric in the past five or six years," said Sandy Richmond with the Modell Lyric.

Now some want the man who defaced that memory behind bars. The Modell family says they will press charges. There is a law in Baltimore County prohibiting indecent conduct in a cemetery.

A spokesperson for Druid Ridge Cemetery is asking visitors to report any inappropriate behavior.

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