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Brittany Ghiroli Says The Orioles Starters Must Go Deeper In Games

Brittany Ghiroli covers the Orioles for

Brittany joined Ed and Steve to talk about the Orioles starting a series with the Blue Jays tonight.

Brittany started out by talking about the O's starting pitching and possible concerns saying "I've been a little bit worried since the season started, you can't keep up with these 5 inning can't do that when you get into stretches where you don't have off days." Brittany then talked about Buck's decision to stick with Gallardo the other night saying "you just kind of no it's not a good idea (to put him out in the 7th)...he's a guy who if he gets through 6 innings you cheer, that's how it's been through his career."

As for whether or not fans should be concerned about wearing out the bullpen Brittany said "I think you're starting to be a little concerned, you don't want these guys setting career have to start using your starters longer because the bullpen can't keep this up, they don't have a carousel of arms out there."

Brittany also talked about the beginning of Mark Trumbo's Oriole career and how well he has done in becoming more patient at the plate and becoming a complete hitter.

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