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Brian Kenny Talks 2013 MLB Season

MLB Networks Brian Kenny joins The Scott Garceau Show with Jeremy Conn to discuss what to expect in the 2013 MLB Season. Brian talks about the current state of the AL East, calling it pretty flat. Brian doesn't think of teams making a move, it won't be the Orioles this season. Brian doesn't see how the Orioles get wins from an offensive production standpoint and with their current pitching staff. Brian also talks about Manny Machado batting second in the Orioles line-up.

"The number two spot is of vital importance in the line up. It's probably, in-terms of line up optimization your best hitters could be hitting second and fourth." -Brian Kenny

Brian talks about with the Astro's joining the west, how the second wildcard team is most likely to come out of the west now with a lot of wins piling up out there. But the Astro's are an interesting experiment in the way they are going about rebuilding the team. Brian goes on to talk about the Yankees and how/if they will be able to overcome all the injuries that they are dealing with currently. Kenny goes on to predict the Washington Nationals as a 103 win team, and that they're the class of the whole league.

Brian Kenny Talks 2013 MLB Season

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