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Breaking Down The Charges As Verdict Looms For Baltimore Officer

BALTIMORE (WJZ)—The trial is set to continue next week for one of six officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray.

WJZ's Derek Valcourt has more on the specific charges the jury is being asked to consider in the case.

Charges against Officer William Porter aren't for what he did, but instead what he failed to do: failing to seat belt Freddie Gray inside the police van and failing to get him prompt medical attention when he asked for it.

University of Baltimore law professor Dave Jaros says the jury will have to be convinced of Porter's state of mind if they are to agree on the most serious manslaughter charge which carries the possibility of up to ten years in prison, or a slightly lesser charge of second degree assault.

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"They'll have to show that he was aware that he had a duty to act and not only that but that he was aware that his failure to act had a high probability of causing Freddie Gray's death or at least bodily injury," said Jaros.

The jury is also asked to consider reckless endangerment that Porter was aware his actions could cause of substantial risk of harm to Freddie Gray.

But as with all cases, the entire jury must be convinced beyond a reasonable doubt.

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"It just doesn't mean they have any doubt at all. But if they have a doubt which they say you know I'm just not confident that he knew there was a risk that Freddie Gray would die, then they would have to acquit," said Jaros.

Porter also faces one misdemeanor charge of misconduct in office.

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