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Both Sides Of Gay Marriage Debate Heard Inside & Outside Supreme Court

WASHINGTON (WJZ)— People from all over the country gathered in Washington voicing support and opposition to same-sex marriage.

Monique Griego has reaction from both sides of this historic fight.

Thousands of people lined the streets in front of the Supreme Court as justices heard arguments for and against marriage equality.

This is obviously a divisive issue but one thing both sides agree on is how important the court's decision will be.

"What do we want? Equality! When do we want it? Now!" the crowd chanted.

The legal battle over same-sex marriage comes to a head at the nation's highest court.

For many, this historic fight for equality is a personal one.

"Growing up feeling unequal is upsetting," said Tabitha Simms, of Montgomery County. "It's tough to feel that way, that you're not as good as everyone else when you pay taxes like everyone else."

Crowds of people gathered outside the Supreme Court as justices heard arguments over whether California's Proposition 8, which bans gay marriage, is constitutional.

"Everyone should be protected fairly underneath the law, and right now we're not," said Benjamin Beaury, gay marriage supporter.

"It is a simple decision.  It's a right that some people don't have simply because who they are," said Stephanie Kreps, gay marriage supporter.

Outnumbered but just as passionate were those who came to support a ban on gay marriage.

"We have our freedom of religion too, and we're here to express ourselves," said Thamys Fuentes, gay marriage opponent.

"Marriage has been since the beginning of time between a man and a woman so why are we going to change it now in 2013," said Mike Krzywonos, gay marriage opponent.

They're hoping the court's decision will preserve tradition.

"All they're trying to do is break the family down more than it already is broken down," Krzywonos said.

While a ruling on the case won't come for months, same-sex supporters are optimistic.

"It's the way the world is moving toward equality," Beaury said.

"It's just not fair, and if it doesn't go through we'll just keep on fighting," a supporter said.

Many people who attended Tuesday's meeting had camped out, sleeping in tents to make sure they got a seat at the hearing.

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